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Myrmecological News Blog and its editorial team celebrate the end of the year 2019 with a Top 10 Blog Posts Special and use this occasion to thank all those people who help maintain the blog. Thank You to all who contributed views, reviews, interviews, and photoblog contributions on an amazing diversity of ant topics. Thank You to the Production Team working behind the scenes. And Thank You to all our readers and the amazing feedback through multiple channels! We greatly appreciate it. To provide you with a review of the first 1 year and 7 months of our blog, we present you with the top ten blog posts as measured by the times viewed (as of 31 December 2019). We wish all our readers a Happy New Year! Stay tuned – there are exciting new contributions in the pipeline for 2020.

A View compiled by Roberta Gibson, Julia Giehr, Patrick Krapf, Felix Oberhauser, Alice Laciny, Sheethal Veepur, Phil Hoenle, Stephanie Wendt, Emeline Favreau, and Lina Pedraza

1 – The Ants of Central and North Europe

2 – Jobs – how to?

3 – Social parasitism: tricky questions

4 – Talc powder & ethanol: A simple and efficient method for preventing ants from escaping

5 – Interview with Alfred Buschinger

6 – How many ant species are there on earth?

7 – A photographic journey to the ants of the Ecuadorian Chocó

8 – Doing an ant PostDoc: Gabriela Camacho

9 – Ants of Madagascar: A guide to the 62 genera

On the 10th place are two posts with the exact same number of views:

10.1 – New year – new wishes!

10.2 – Studying the ontogeny of navigational behavior in desert ants

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