Myrmecological News Blog: Editorial Team

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Active members:

Birgit Schlick-Steiner and Florian Steiner – coordinating editor

Salvatore Brunetti – coordinating editor

Patrick Krapf – coordinating editor

Gaurav Agavekar – editor

Biplabendu ‘Billu’ Das – editor

Roberta Gibson – editor

Phil Hoenle – editor

Hoon Kang – editor

Alice Laciny – editor

Felix Oberhauser – editor

Lina Pedraza – editor

Beatriz Portinha – editor

Sheethal Vepur Ramamurthy – editor

James Trager – editor

Enrico Schifani – editor

Rohini Singh – editor

Former members:

Émeline Favreau – editor

Julia Giehr – editor

Stephanie Wendt – editor

Information on the blog:




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