Patrick Krapf

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My name is Patrick Krapf and I am the coordinator of the Myrmecological News Blog. I’m a PostDoc fellow at the Molecular Ecology Group, Department of Ecology at the University of Innsbruck. I’m currently working on Tetramorium alpestre and its amazing social organisation. During my PhD, I discovered the fascinating world of ants and since then, I am intrigued every day by its vast complexity and simplicity at same time. It was in these first months of intensive reading when I started falling in love with ants and ant research, but I was not always a myrmecologist. In my master thesis, I worked with Drosophila nigrosparsa, a Diptera found in the European Alps with which I conducted several life-history assays.

I’m also interested in (ant) behaviour, behavioural ecology, genomics and population genetics, life history, and taxonomy. I also enjoy doing sports (hiking, biking, etc.). And if I’m not in the lab, in the field, or outside, I spend time with my friends or binge-watch TV series.
If you have any question or suggestions in general or related to the blog, please drop me a line: krapfpatrick[at] or just follow me on Twitter

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