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My name is Emeline Favreau. I am currently a postdoc at University College London, UK. I am working on understanding the evolution of social organisation in wasp species, after having focused my PhD on ant and the evolution of their social organisation. My main scientific interest is understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying speciation, adaptation, and interactions between species.
I learned about the potential of social insects as a wonderful model system when I curated the ant collection at the Natural History Museum in London. There, I enjoyed discovering their morphological and life history diversity. At the same time, I started being interested in the evolution of social organisation and decided to make it the topic of my thesis. The last few years have been fantastic for my training in field work, whole-genome sequencing lab work,
and population genomics. I am quite fond of travelling: during my PhD I was very lucky to go sampling in four continents. Back in London, I enjoy exhibitions, books, and films. I also like learning human and computer languages.

If you have any questions or suggestion in general or related to the blog, please drop me a
line: emeline.favreau.15[at]ucl.ac.uk or just follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/EmelineFavreau

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