Rohini Singh

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Rohini Singh

Hi, I am Rohini. I made my way into the ant biology world simply out of curiosity about social groups and how microbial infections may affect group-level interactions and outcomes.

I completed my PhD from Dr. Tim Linksvayer’s lab at University of Pennsylvania in 2020 where I researched the group-level fitness differences, over time, between Wolbachia-infected and uninfected colonies. I studied these differences in pharaoh ants, which have a shorter colony lifestyle, comfortably live in a small box, and can be bred in a lab setting. This is an extremely powerful tool to study genetics, genomics, and phenotypic effects over generations.

Since my graduation. I have transitioned to the biopharma industry, but still follow the latest developments in ant research work. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, baking, and spending time with my dog.

You can reach out to me on LinkedIn or by email to stay connected.

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