Nature Lovers Will Swarm to Hear Dr. Mark Moffett (aka Dr. Bugs) Speak About The Social Lives of Ants & Humans

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Widely known for his articles and photographs in National Geographic Magazine, Mark W. Moffett, PhD, aka Dr. Bugs, has conducted research and written books on the ecology of forest canopies, based on work in over 100 countries, and has studied social behavior at the Smithsonian. Called a “daring eco-adventurer” by Margaret Atwood, he has authored four books.

News by Bethany Carland-Adams

Moffett earned his doctorate under Edward O. Wilson at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard, and is currently a visiting scholar in human evolutionary biology at Harvard University. On May 2nd Dr. Moffett returns to Harvard for a lecture and book signing about his new book The Human Swarm (April, Basic Books).

His thesis is as follows: scientists routinely explain that humans rule the planet because of our intelligence, tools, or language, but Moffett argues that our biggest asset is our ability to be comfortable around strangers. He asserts that this ability – not IQ – has allowed humans to swarm over the world in vast nations. If we want to compare ourselves to the rest of the animal kingdom in order to define what makes our societies unique, Moffett argues that it’s time we look at ants. In The Human Swarm Moffett embarks on both an intellectual and a physical adventure across the globe to make the case that, while chimps may be our closest genetic cousins, ants are truly our spirit animals. Combining recent findings from the fields of myrmecology, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and history, Mark’s treatment provides a unique perspective on the past and future of our species.

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