Christian Peeters Memorial Special Issue

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The editorial board of Asian Myrmecology would like to announce the production of a special issue to commemorate the extensive and diverse contributions to myrmecology made by our recently passed colleague and editor, Christian Peeters.

We invite submissions of research articles from all fields of myrmecology with the aim of perpetuating Christian’s passion, energy, and enthusiasm for elucidating and sharing the fascinating world of ants.

We particularly encourage submission of studies focusing on the biology of Asian ants, though in acknowledgement of Christian’s truly global pursuits in myrmecology, we will be relaxing our usual geographic scope on Asia and will accept myrmecological contributions from anywhere, with the uniting theme being Christian and his work.

This issue will be produced alongside our standard issue for 2020/2021, and will be open to submissions from now until July 1st 2021. As our journal operates online only, articles will be published shortly after acceptance.
If you are interested in making a contribution to this issue, please contact one of our editors-in-chief below.

Adam L Cronin (
Benoit Guénard (
Francisco Hita Garcia (

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