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One year ago, on 24th May 2018, Myrmecological News Blog launched. In the twelve months since then, we grew as a team, and we published 81 blog posts, comprising 32 interviews with 77 interviewees (the higher number of interviewees compared with interviews owes to Flash Interviews), 15 photoblog contributions, and 34 (Re)Views. This was only possible with the help of countless researchers (ranging from undergraduates to emeritus professors) and friends who contributed to the Myrmecological News Blog, and to whom we express our deepest gratitude.

A Reflection by the Myrmecological News Blog Team

Initially, our goal was to upload one post every other week, but thanks to the many initiatives that were brought to us, we soon had 1.6 posts per week on average, with a strong upward trend! We also thank our production team who did a great job behind the scenes. Our greatest ‘Thank You’, however, goes to you, our readers – it was your continuous support, also with a strong upward trend, and all those amazing feedbacks that kept us going and made the journey so pleasant!

We celebrate this first year of the Myrmecological News Blog by sharing a world map that shows all contributions and where the contributors are from. We are always aiming at high diversity of our blog posts – yet our geographic sample is strongly skewed towards Europe and North America. Accordingly, our aim for the next twelve months is to level these imbalances out as far as possible (Watch out, the map is going to be updated continuously!) and, of course, to provide with new fascinating and inspiring blog posts about myrmecology. Thank you!

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