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Hello everyone,

We are back with another interesting, fun ant activity. Are you ready??

Do you all remember the different variety of ants you have seen in the previous posts or have you seen any in your backyard or at school?? Let’s see how many do you recall. For this activity, let’s draw a few ants to see if you can identify them.

All you need to do is join the dots in each picture starting from ‘1’ and once you finish joining them, try to identify which ant it could be. It’s going to be a fun-ant-activity, connecting the dots….

Also, while connecting the dots, let’s recall what are the different ant parts that you came across and see how many you can recollect here.

Created by Sheethal Vepur

Let’s begin!!

  1. Which ant could this be ?? (perched on a leaf…….. )

  Let’s quickly connect the dots and find out!!

2. Which ant is this? It seems to be carrying something, isn’t it?

What could it be?

Can you find out?


3. And finally, which ant could this be?


Hope you have an amazing time, finishing this activity. Do let us know here – ants that you could identify from this activity and the different parts you came across.

Happy Anting!!

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