Competition mechanism of introduced and native ants in China

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In the article “Comparing mechanisms of competition among introduced and resident ants in China: from behavior to trophic position (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)” published in Myrmecological News, Lei Nie, Meihong Ni, Dongdong Ning, Hao Ran, Babar Hassan, and Yijuan Xu perform, among others, aggression assays and infer trophic positions of several native and invasive ant species. Their results suggest species differences in behavioral and trophic interactions between invasive and resident ants. Here, Lei Nie shares some pictures and videos of their research.

A Photoblog contribution by Lei Nie

An Anoplolepis gracilipes worker carries a termite worker. (© Yanming Liu)

A Paratrechina longicornis worker sucking honey dew. (© Yanming Liu)

Tapinoma melanocephalum workers at the exit of the nest. (© Yanming Liu)

Workers and soldiers of Pheidole yeensis. (© Yanming Liu)

Workers of Solenopsis geminata. (© Yanming Liu)

Individual aggression assays between S. invicta and five resident ants (© Lei Nie):

Solenopsis invicta vs. S. geminata, P. longicornis, and A.gracilipes

S. invicta vs. P. yeensis and T. melanocephalum

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